Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Material Levels

Since I'm going to be blogging about a number of things, some of which are controversial, some of which are matters of consensus, and some of which may be my own delusions, I have decided to implement a system to categorize these items.

Cyan-level items are those rare things on which I am an expert (or at least can have my work fact-checked by an expert) and other experts do not consider it a matter of controversy. I do not expect any of those right now.

Green-level items are items that, as far as I am aware, are not controversial among experts in relevant fields. They may contain errors of fact, though, since I am not an expert and cannot find one to fact-check it.

Yellow-level items are items that reflect my own opinion on a controversial issue.

Red-level items are my own ideas and may not be entirely accurate or even sane.

Violet-level items are items that have been proven false and are kept around for archival purposes. At the moment, none of these exist, and I have no intention of publishing any.

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