Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sorry about the sudden absence. My computer died, and I just got it back from the shop this week. I've been spending that week first getting the wireless working again (evidently, they didn't get all the drivers installed) and then rebuilding my extensive collection of software and internet bookmarks.

This blog is NOT finished. Shame on you if you thought it was. I still have a lot to write about  evolution, game theory, ethics, the creative process, games, and absolutely anything else that crosses my mind. And I have no intention of stopping the blog until the voices that make me write it to get them out of my head shut up.

There will, however, be a brief pause in updates while I get things set up the way I like them again.  During that time, I'll be posting random rants, design diaries for my various projects, and occasional notes from my classes.

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