Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics: Society 2.0: Overview

One question that is important in philosophy (and quite possibly one of the more practical questions in the entire thing) is "What would an ideal society be?". Here is how I propose to handle that question.
The following material is flagged Red Level. It deals with the blogger's original ideas, personal beliefs, and delusions; and might not be believed by any expert in any field anywhere.
My politics are based on the idea of bringing about a society free from the pseudo-evolutionary memetic baggage burdening the societies that exist today. Rather than being bound by the mistakes of the past that haven't been learned from or shaken off yet, I intend to re-design society so that it incorporates all that we have learned without the problems that it inherits from traditions, revolutions, and biases that served a purpose at one time but do so no longer.

These posts will be broken down into two parts: Plan and Implementation. The Plan section deals with what the revised society would look like. The Implementation section deals with how to bring about that society.

Plan: Each part of existing society should be examined carefully, and we must ask: "Is this how this would be designed if, when it was created, the creators had known everything we know now and had access to modern technologies?" Arguments about Constitutions or tradition or "the intent of the founders" are pointless here; those are part of the society as it was created; and have nothing to do with the redesign. Similarly, religious arguments fall flat; a religion is part of a society, and religious beliefs often change to reflect the culture of which they are part.

Implementation: Once the plan exists, it must be put into effect. Changes must be made to the society that lead to the plan. These changes must be both to the laws governing the society, and to the culture of the society. The implementation section deals exclusively with United States society.

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