Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sharazad Launched!

So, some of you might have been wondering if I'm ever going to actually make a game. Well, I have made a few, but the question is actually "Can we see them?" (grumble, grumble, blah blah comments blah blah I don't bite blah I know you're out there blah blah blah go right ahead etcetera etcetera). Well, I now have a very lightweight Storynexus game: Sharazad!

In Sharazad, you play, more or less, as a culture. You tell stories, and those stories affect how people in the culture behave. People's behavior influences how well the culture survives: how well it avoids being exterminated by the people over the next hill, being eaten by bears, being absorbed into another culture, being torn apart by revolution, stagnating and collapsing...

Well, that's the finished version. Right now, I have the "you tell stories" part.

Sharazad can be found here.

The feedback thread can be found here.

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